Of adventure and adrenaline rush: Pokhara, Nepal

Known for being the tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara is situated in the northeast corner of the pristine Pokhara valley, 200 km from Kathmandu. Travellers and wayfarers who had their stint in the region consider Pokhara as one of the most alluring places in the world.

Maybe because from here, you can witness the grandeur of three highest peaks in the world. Out of 10, three peaks are easily visible from Pokhara – such is the flamboyance this mountainous station shows off.

Pokhara acts as the base camp or the starting point for most of the treks undertaken in the Annapurna circuit. The banks of Phewa Tal offer a fantastic view of the Annapurna range and bestows a traveller with the most stunning view of the Machhapuchre or the fish-tail peak. You can opt for a boat ride here at the Phewa Tal, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Surrounded by verdant forests and lofty peaks, the lake boasts of untouched blue waters.

Pokhara became popular as a hippy retreat in the early sixties. Historically, Pokhara was a mystical place but partly inaccessible. After the construction of roads in sixties, the city developed rapidly and today it is a peaceful, yet active resort town. Though there is never a dearth of exciting activities here, which are available at all corners of the region, one of the best activities in the area is off road mountain biking.

. The place is a haven for those who love rush in their adrenaline. Don’t miss white water rafting on the Nepali rivers or paragliding above Lake Pokhara and the Annapurna. Those who want the real taste of the place can opt for mountain biking, which will introduce you with the grandeur and the local life. The best route to try your hand at mountain biking is Pokhara to Kathmandu that has been described as ‘the best off-road riding in the Himalayas’.

How to reach

Kathmandu is situated at a distance of 200 km. Private taxis are easily available.

Where to stay: Find out at https://www.agoda.com/en-in/pages/agoda/default/DestinationSearchResult.aspx?city=5733&site_id=1891440&tag=47d2f46c-2e10-4394-8305-1cc1c515eaa6

Main attractions: Mountain biking, paragliding, camping, cycling, boating, river rafting.

Best season: Pokhara has a subtropical climate with moderate temperatures. April to November is the best time to visit Pokhara.

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