Every Mom is a Super Mom

Journey to the motherhood begins the moment a woman conceives her child and the cradle of love continues to prosper at every stage she passes through as a mother. The mother also grows up along with her child. Being the strength of the family, she is the one who gives a strong foundation to the household.

Embracing motherhood is one thing and living it – day and night – is a different feat all together. No doubt, it is a special occasion in a woman’s life, which brings out the best and the worst in her personality. Yes, best and worst! And sauntering ahead, she learns, she fumbles, she retreats, she rejoices, she cries, she feels pangs of guilt, she is overwhelmed, she compares, she wonders, she yearns, she feels challenged and the mixed bag of emotions make her mothering experience wonderfully exclusive to her. These define her journey… as a mother.

When she juggles between her home and work, she is no less than a superwoman or rather a supermom. This Mother’s Day, along with my team, I salute to all the mothers, would-be mothers, surrogate mothers and grandmothers and Mom Corona Warriors. Thank you Moms for being a SuperMom!

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