Inhale positivity, exhale negativity reiterates Divya Mohindroo

“A mother is the best gift we have received from the almighty,” firmly endorses Divya Mohindroo, Founder, Embrace Imperfections. With the month of May dedicated to mothers of the world, in an exclusive conversation Divya and her mother Bindu Mohindroo talk to us about their journey as the mother-daughter duo.

Describe your bond with your each other?

Divya: I share a very precious bond with my mother for she has given me a strong foundation, roots and wings so that I can chase my dreams and fulfil them to the tee. She is very close to my heart and I simply love this bond sealed with unconditional love.
Bindu: Of course, my daughter has outgrown my lap but she will always be close to my heart, hence my bond with Divya is very strong and secure. It’s the mutual respect we give to each other and that makes it our bond beautifully magical.

If you had to plan a pamper itinerary for your mom, what would that be?

Divya: If I had to plan a pamper an itinerary for my mother, I would make sure all the household chores are managed well so that she can get some time to herself. Perhaps, I’d love to take her on a parlour date or a sumptuous luncheon at her favourite restaurant with some good music. This date night, followed by an evening with my nephews Viraaj and Vardaan, will definitely make her heart melt as they make her the happiest.

The lesson motherhood taught you? How gratifying has been the experience for you?

Bindu: Motherhood is a fierce journey which brings out the best in us. And I am no different, motherhood taught me to embrace change (for better) with each passing day. It has been a gratifying experience to raise my children. And, while raising Divya, I understood the nuances of being patient. She made me saunter ahead in life with a soft demeanour.

How both of you make sure you spend ample time with each other?

Divya: Any relationship needs time and willingness to make it special. And, we both make sure that during breakfast and dinner time we sit together and talk about everything under the sun, share how our day went and sorts. We enjoy eating dishes of common interest, go shopping or watch a movie together. You know “All mommy daughter things.”
Bindu: I am glad my daughter considers me as her bestfriend. We love spending time with each other.

How do you both take inspiration from each other? Any experiences wherein you got inspired by the other?

Divya: My mom inspires me each day with her strength in daily life as well as life challenges. When I had hit the low point in my life, she gave me strength to look within, be confident and create a bright future for myself.
Bindu: Divya inspires me to remain calm and look for small joys in life.

Who is more dominating? And how do you console each other when there are some disagreements?

Divya: We generally don’t have disagreements as we share a great understanding level. Even if we have a difference of opinion, one of us takes a back step. For us, our relationship is of prime importance and we make sure it stays like that.
Bindu: Like all mothers, I am more dominating, but I give in quickly as Divya is never unreasonable in what she says.

What’s your message for our readers?

Divya: There is no rule book for motherhood, I suggest all mothers should trust their instincts, compare themselves only with themselves and set realistic goals for themselves. As a psychologist, I feel what we feel and think is how we generate vibes for our children. A child is like a sponge they absorb everything they see and hear, so mothers should try to let go of their anxiety and fear so that they can exude peace and serenity. I always say, “Inhale positivity and exhale negativity.”


Do you cook together or take holidays together? Which is your favourite dish and the destination

We both travel together and love venturing out for meals together. We simply love Chinese food.
Our favourite destinations are Dubai and London.

What’s the best quality you like about each other?

Bindu: I like Divya’s peaceful and serene attitude towards life .

Divya – I love my mom for her mental clarity and strength. I also love how balanced and classy she is in the way she carries herself .

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