Does your vagina talk to you? All about vaginal health

Does your vagina talk to you? Questions Nitika Bajpayee

The vaginal monologues, random thoughts, at times vivid, sometimes elusive? Does it happen to you? In the itchiness that the monsoon brings, in the fluid sweetness around the ovulation period, in the ‘yearning’ to consummate on certain days, women and their vaginas have the best relationship possible. It’s like they resonate each other’s thoughts, and behave accordingly. Winks, chuckles, tears, whistles, everything darn definitely affects our vaginas, and buoy are we not proud of that? So, since more than men and ever wailing kids, it’s the vagina that plays the most important role in a woman’s life, don’t you think it’s important that we pay a little more attention to our bestest friend for she knows our whims and fancies, how we tease, how we behave, how we elude ourselves, and the overall humdrum called ‘life’. So, here are a few pointers to keep your vagina happy. Read on!

Keep a little pubic hair: No matter how smooth you’d want your vagina to look, it is essential to understand that a little crop of pubic hair will only help in gestation of good bacteria that are good for issues pertaining to sweating as well as will give you less itch and less ingrowths, that actually look gruesome.

Ph Balance: Just throw away all those bottles of vaginal washes, and do it asap. Vagina is a self-cleansing organ and does not need those fancy wash bottles that cost you a bomb. A simple shower with just water is enough for your vagina to feel fresh and peppy.

Underwear health: The health of your panties, and the boxers is of paramount importance. Yes, no doubt those lacy panties and sling thongs in black and red may entice your man, but these may do a little harm to your vaginal health. So, do opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and linen and rest assured these will lock the built up moisture and keep bacterial growth and wetness at bay.

  • Quality of sex: No doubt sex is enjoyable, and it becomes your utmost responsibility to ensure your vagina enjoys it too. Hence, it is imperative to follow a few steps. And no matter who you indulge in with, for the sake of your vagina and for not getting transmitted the STDs, please insist on condoms. Yes, condoms not only ensure fiascos but also ensure that your vagina stays healthy. It will be a good idea to check for the ingredients your man’s condoms are made of. Running a check on spermicides won’t harm as this very component isn’t too healthy for your vagina as it prevents the good bacteria do its job. Do pee after a sweltering mating session.

    Wear your comfort as you sleep: Do change your undies as you prep for bed. Of course, you can choose to either sleep chaddi-less or panty-less (though this will make your man go out of control, so beware) or just change into a comfortable pair of pyjamas. Let your vagina breathe and cool down.

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