The planet needs some planned action

Is environment preservation and conservation an abstract topic that is best debated upon in seminar halls, and now on zoom calls and webinars? History is testimony to how humans have shaped the world in every possible way. To make the conservation of our environment and ecology a priority, it’s time for the human race to take stock of the otherwise miserable situation and combat it by adopting a rather sustainable approach. In this series, we bring to you visionaries who tell us how through taking small yet imperative steps, we can assure the Earth is nurtured well and preserved for our future generation. Read on –

Smita Murarka, Vice President- Marketing & E-commerce, Duroflex

Reduce, reuse and recycle has been the mantra for sustainability. However, it all begins with adopting an approach to ‘reduce’. I resonate completely with the school of thought which states that the most successful way to reduce waste is to not create it.

Manufacturing a new product is a lengthy procedure which requires time, energy, raw materials and fuel. The benefits of reduction and reusing are by far the most effective ways through which we can save our natural resources, conserve our environment and save up some money too! It’s time people start focusing on waste management and recycling.

A conscious effort in evaluating the need, avoiding mindless purchases can reduce waste to a large extent. Impulse buying is the one of the biggest things one can give up, easily. I, personally, try my level best to invest in things I really need or require, and that too, after a proper research of its utility and sustainability.

I also make sure that I use my mobile phone till it gives up completely because e-waste is a big contributor to the landfill sites. Apart from that, I prefer walking as much as possible instead of using a car. Opt for minimalism because the less we use, the less we waste and eventually the more we save. I personally make sure I do not use straws, and over the years have switched to more natural fabrics in clothing. A little attention paid to small everyday things can lead to a better tomorrow.

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