It’s never too late to start a sustainable lifestyle

Is environment preservation and conservation an abstract topic that is best debated upon in seminar halls, and now on zoom calls and webinars? History is testimony to how humans have shaped the world in every possible way. To make the conservation of our environment and ecology a priority, it’s time for the human race to take stock of the otherwise miserable situation and combat it by adopting a rather sustainable approach. In this series, we bring to you visionaries who tell us how through taking small yet imperative steps, we can assure the Earth is nurtured well and preserved for our future generation. Read on –

Tapan Mishra, Founder, Seniority

It’s never too late to start a sustainable lifestyle and adopt eco-friendly practices for a better tomorrow. Well, at least not for the enthusiastic senior adults of the Evergreen Club community. The Evergreen Club, which is a unique lifestyle and wellness digital community launched by Seniority hosted a series of virtual workshops dedicated to environmentally-conscious practices for senior citizens.

The community platform helps seniors learn various ways in which they can maintain clean, ecological and climate-friendly surroundings, thereby giving them a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The free workshops, conducted in association with planet warriors like reCharkha, Daily Dump and independent experts who teach, guide and demonstrate simple, sustainable habits that can be easily developed at home. Knowledge on waste management, composting, recycling plastic is imparted as well as tips are given on how to reduce food waste and create crafts from the waste. You can access the sessions on Evergreen Club at no additional cost, or through the website or by downloading the app.


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