Poetic confessions: Roma Misra

‘Influence yourself to be an inspiration’ urges the multi-faceted energy consultant Roma Misra as she shares some lesser known nuggets of her life with Confluence by Nitika Bajpayee, exclusively…

She’s a singer, she’s a poetess, she’s an author, she’s the mistress of the most alluring energy, she’s the ambassador for positivity and many things more. Born and raised in the family of journalists, Roma Misra is a radical young lady working as Chief Connecting Officer to World’s only Natural Energy Artist, Pratyachh Mishra.  The alma mater of Gargi College in New Delhi, Roma is currently based in the city of dreams – Mumbai

Just like many of us, Roma holds the love for words close to her heart. In her two books – Palkon ki Munder, published in Hindi and Urdu – the prolific writer draws from her reservoir of enriching experiences and emotional exuberance. Taking inspiration from the nature in her poems, the writer in Roma believes a ‘written word’ can have myriad explorations of feelings, waiting to be expressed. “For me, poetry is an art form that helps me articulate my feelings in the simplest way possible. Poetry helps me stir my expressions into exhilarating experiences and further helps me evolve. I draw inspiration from the energies of the nature for it has always been flourishing and providing, without any bias. There is so much to be grateful for, I just exude what nature gives me,” she says.

Roma believes women are masterful creators and it is natural for them to connect to their own originality. “When you are comfortable in your creative bubble, you can choose a profession that helps you thrive consistently without much finetuning. To create the requisite balance, at times it becomes essential to learn  basic life-skills. With unparalleled conviction, just surge ahead and adapt new skills and make it a continuous process. You will eventually taste growth in your professional and personal lives.”

According to Roma, the world gives us enormous opportunities, we simply need to understand how to bounce and reach the pinnacle of success. “While you are at work, striking the balance between clarity and precision helps in staying composed. We need to master the art of learning and unlearning – as this will pave way for smooth decision making. Just remember, the change is the only constant, so one must flow consistently in this journey called life.”

Throwing light on her professional life, Roma shares, “Professionally, we are into Energy Designing of workspaces and the major pie of my professional life represents the very idea of inner balance. We thrive in our own originality to lead with clarity and be influential in the process.”

The journey called life may take hairpin bends, and we all know there is no guidebook to life. In stuck situations, one must be receptive to your own strengths and weaknesses. “Balanced Energy is the powerful universal connect and once your synergise with the universe, you reach the state of calmness. As we hone and excel our potential to the best, we sync in to the ever-evolving effortless state. With utmost inner conviction, we can tread on the road to success,” she recommends.

While the accomplishments of Roma have made her a celebrity in her immediate circuit, her eagerness to show off her literary talent coupled with humming a tune or two occasionally brings her into for limelight of the likeminded. She firmly thinks it is imperative to find some quiet space to reflect and replenish your own cup of energies in this chaotic and demanding world. “Inner balance is the fulcrum where you can explore your own possibilities and connect to your own rhythm,” signs off Roma.

Roma, the incandescent one: Her #TheSunMoonStory series of poems are popular on Instagram and Facebook.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Work with gratitude
  • Be what you expect others to be.
  • ‘Be You’ as the Universal Being you are born to be.
  • Be the energy you want to experience from others
  • Do what relaxes you – Gardening, Meditate, Cook, Read, Dance and Sing – like no one is listening or watching you.
  • Keep the exhaustive procrastination process at bay 

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