Power your energy: Rima Singh

Celebrating the spirit of womanhood, Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International, Gurugram urges the new age woman to play to your strengths before embarking on the road to success……An exclusive interview

She passionately believes that the sole purpose of education has remained constant over the last several decades. Rima Singh, Head of School, DPS International, Gurugram feels the process of imparting knowledge and mind skills has undergone a gradual transformation. The zealous education visionary indicates the importance of renewing the education norms in to modern education standards which inculcate in students a desire to evolve holistically so that they are empowered to live a successful life and cull out maximum from the journey of life.

Rima applauds the way India is surging ahead into the 21st century, where its growth  -political, social, economic and technological – is advancing at a swift pace. In such a scenario, there is a strong need for an ever-evolving education model, where its elements are used as an intervention to focus on building the citizens of tomorrow. “There is definitely an upward inclination towards incorporating new age education methods that are aimed at alleviating vigorous and vibrant learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. DPS International, Gurugram intends to be a vibrant institution, where the primary focus is on giving young learners an effective and optimum learning experience. With child-centred approach, the school recognises the needs of an individual while working with the demands of a globally connected world,” recommends Rima.

Quality education evokes strong and positively valanced experiences. “Schools need to be places which prepare children not just to be good students, but to be great leaders who take on their responsibilities as global citizens. Schools need to be places of trust and affection, where diverse knowledge is sifted and clarified, leading to an in-depth understanding of the pluralistic, multicultural world that we inhabit,” strongly suggests Rima.

For the past nine years now, Rima is heading the school capacity of the school leader. Ask her about her experience so far and she proudly answers, “Being the head of school, no doubt, is a very dynamic yet challenging job. There are days when there are no full stops – when I am neck deep in mountain of paperwork, and grind for long days, including evenings and weekends. The resounding cacophony of back-to-back meetings, queries and complaints from the parents, responsibility of the curriculum is potent enough for a huge amount of stress. I have always been driven by challenge myself, hence the wellbeing of my students and the staff is always on the top of my mind, even in most stressful situations.”

She sashays her way to the classroom full of students and interacts with them on regular basis. “Luckily, for me I am always surrounded by my biggest stress busters – my lovely students. An interaction with them soothes me and alleviates my rough moods. Over all these years, I have learnt to embrace this stress as it is an integral part of my job,” she shares.

Highlighting the need to employ education to empower children with cognitive and experiential skills, which ensure the fair understanding of interconnected concepts, Rima says, “We aspire to make children think independently, work collaboratively and act decisively. “I have become quite familiar with the challenges of the role and the stress it occupies. I have learnt the art of not reacting to the situations immediately. It is essential to take ample time to reflect and contemplate on the said situations and then prepare yourself to take purposeful actions. This is the best way to respond to the stressful situations.”

The mutli-facted educationist urges fellow womenfolk to step back from a situation, take enough time to reorient your thoughts to watch things from a clear perspective before leaping into taking the right action. “Try to focus on what you can control rather than aiming to focus on situation that are out of your control. This will only lead to piling up the confusion and add more to a stressful situation. Personally, I try not to bring home the work related stress as I firmly feel one should not let the nitty-gritties of the professional life creep into the personal space,” suggests Rima.

Everyday brings us a new choice, it is up to us to maintain calm and revitalise our energy or succumb to the pressures. “Day-to-day responsibilities and commitments can make your to-do list seem endless and keep you occupied all day. For women, who have choc-a-block work schedules, I suggest you plan your timelines and prioritise things to be able to maintain a work-life balance. It is very important to find that quiet ‘me time’ to reboot and refresh your mind.  Being in your company helps me reflect, plan and think ahead,” she recommends.

Rather than sitting and waiting for the inspiration to rise ahead of time, it is essential to sit up and take not of the situations and work on them diligently. “I am against the concept of procrastination. When we let things pile up, we are letting the stress to build up, which will overpower your way of rehabilitating functioning. So, setting a deadline and prioritising your work is enormously useful. Time management is a great skill to maintain balance between personal and professional life,” Rima shares adding, “Be aware of your peaks and troughs. I am a morning person and I tackle high-concentration tasks early in the morning. You know yourself the best, and I urge women to be their own inspirations before aiming at being others’. Be realistic in expectations from yourself,” she signs off.

Words of Wisdom for Womenfolk:

  • Put on some music and do spring cleaning in the house.
  • Sipping a hot drink which make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Take a walk in the park and connect with nature and think and reflect. 
  • Make a schedule and try and stick to that.
  • Play to your strengths and don’t try to be a superwoman.
  • Ask for help if you need it.

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