Agent of Change: Advocate Vibhor Anand

In an exclusive conversation with Vibhor Anand, Nitika Bajpayee discovers with all the chaos and challenges that dot his lifestyle how this advocate from the colourful bylanes of West Delhi became the beacon of light for the millions of fans of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Love him or hate him, but you certainly can’t ignore him. The moment his screen goes ‘live’ on YouTube and Facebook, a loud cheer goes up amidst his followers, for he is the ‘King of Narratives’, as fondly named so by his followers around the globe. Advocate Vibhor Anand is a promising name in the legal world. He, alongside his father Mr. VK Anand, fought the much controversial ‘Nirbhaya Case’ as the Defence counsel.

But, Vibhor gained maximum eye balls for his contribution in bringing together the millions of fans of actor par excellence – Sushant Singh Rajput. Vibhor, along with his team, is fighting aggressively as front-line warrior to bring justice to Sushant Singh Rajput. It was Vibhor’s controversial narratives around the ongoing ‘mysterious death’ case of Sushant Singh Rajput that won him an army of followers on Twitter and YouTube, who now affectionately call him ‘Vibhor bhai’ or ‘King of Wands’ or ‘The Chosen one’. His unique and authentic style, which varies from boisterous laughs to snide remarks in the middle of his ‘Live’ shows, clearly sets him as a ‘delight to watch’ among his admirers and spectators.

Vibhor jumped in to the #JusticeforSSR movement a year ago and became the narrative force to reckon with. Least do we know what exactly made him get associated with the movement which still swarms the internet and broke all records, rather created a world record. Read on the nuggets from his life, his aspirations and expectations, which nobody really knows about:

Who is Vibhor Anand?
A 32-year-old common man, who loves cocking a snook at almost everything controversial, or what doesn’t seem ‘right’. Not many would know that in the year 1993, while battling a rare brain fever, I slipped into coma. And owing to the aftereffects of the fever, I developed a neurological disorder which majorly affected the left side of my body, resulting in speech issues. But that didn’t stop me from choosing to take on life by the horns.

What exactly is the ‘change’ that you talk about?

I am a lawyer by profession and completed my LLB from the Monad University in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. I have this ball of fire within me, which urges me to take the route less travelled. I wish to be the harbinger of change and I am aggressively working towards creating a world we all eventually would be proud of. Through my small initiatives, I wish to give back to the society. In the year 2011, I founded an NGO, which provides free legal advice to those who aren’t able to afford the lawyers’ fee to fight their legal disputes. After the Nirbhaya case, in the year 2018, I took a conscious break to set up India Against Biased Media, a media watchdog that negates the ‘bought’ media practices and actively works towards monitoring the ‘biased or fake news culture’ mushroomed in the country. And in 2020, I came up with Asatya Mochan, a news portal which fearlessly seeks truth and digs deeper into the controversies.

Why are you always surrounded by controversies?

I love slaying the debates like a pro and to me, nothing spells enthusiasm as getting into the root of the what doesn’t seem ‘right for the society’ and, of course, for the mankind. For me, it is of utmost importance to unveil the truth, and I yearn to be the torchbearer to bring to surface what’s not appropriate for the society.  In all its facets, I spent quality time building India Against Biased Media, which works contrary to the conventional wisdom that Indian media isn’t compromised. People today are sane enough to understand what’s fake and what’s not. I am only giving them a platform to channelise their anger and take the right route. Through the legal counselling, I believe we can give a positive attribution to their annoyance and help them traverse through the ways this ‘industry’ operates. And if this makes it controversial, so be it. I am remarkably unconcerned about what people perceive about my personality, for me, it’s only the truth that matters.

You have been very vocal about Bollywood and its wrongdoings, your comments.

Mafia and Bollywood are hand in glove with each other. I, along with so many others, strictly boycott this industry, and the reasons are very evident. I even got arrested for the being so vocal about this industry, and spent good 27 days in the Taloja Jail in Mumbai. It all depends on how determined you are for a cause. Success finally follows, I affirm. You can go and check my Live sessions wherein I talked openly about – the malpractices (drugs, sex, casting couch etc), the use of laundered money and the compromising hedonistic background of the so-called pioneers of the industry. People need to apply their brains and ‘Connect the dots’, as I always reiterate.

What made you participate in the Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput movement? The people or the circumstances that pushed you in to it.

There is possibly none among the current breed of actors in Bollywood who could match the acumen and the versatility of Sushant Singh Rajput, who allegedly passed away under mysterious circumstances on June 14, 2020. I never really followed him or his movies, perhaps watched a couple of his movies, and that’s about it. The nation went into lockdown amid the global Covid-19 pandemic, and I myself was recovering from the same in Shimla. Only when I got the news of his alleged death, I was asked by the lady I am in love with, to get to the root of the issue and find out what exactly happened to Sushant. Since then, there hasn’t been any looking back. I, along with millions of his fans, am burning the midnight oil to figure out what exactly happened to him. While conducting the webinars and live shows, I witnessed how the number of his fans grew with each passing day; their participation, engagement and analysis finally dug out the truth, and perhaps gave us a conclusion as well. And one thing I want to conclude – IT IS NOT A SUICIDE.

Throw light on the World Record you and your team achieved for SSR?

The credit goes to the millions of fans of Sushant, that we were able to set a World Record for our dear Sushant Singh Rajput for I consider him an inspiration for the youth of today. A brilliant physicist, the only ambidextrous actor, a great archer, a proud guitarist and a writer, he wished to have world record registered in his name (it was one of his dreams). We, on his behalf did so by running the longest live session on YouTube, precisely for 281 hours, 56 minutes and 9 seconds, with magnanimous viewership of over four million (collective viewership across all platforms). This was by far the most joyous moment of my life, and proudly I reiterate that Sushant Singh Rajput’s admirers righteously registered his name in the International Book of Records.

You went overboard stating that ‘SSR is Alive’, what about that? How true is this narrative of yours?

I will only say – Wait and Watch. I always say, Truth will always be truth! Believe it or not, it will surface, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.

Last question. What’s next?

Perhaps, I am waiting for my haters to turn into my admirers.

Quickies with Vibhor Anand

Favourite Fashion Icon: Sh Narendra Damodardas Modi, I simply love his style.

Your real life idols: Sh Ram Jethmalani and my parents

Favourite Food: I am a born Punjabi and love all the Punjabi delicacies, especially Butter Chicken.

Favourite Travel Destination: Hills are my calling, so yeah, anywhere in the hills.

Favourite Singers: Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Kishor Kumar

Favourite Song:Ek na ek din, ye kahaani banegi, Tu mere sapno ki rani banegi” from the movie Gora aur Kala.

Message to your followers/ SSR Warriors: SSR gave us a responsibility and an opportunity to come together and do what’s righteous. We are now a cult, and will continue fighting for the unjust and all the wrongs.

Words of Wisdom by fellow SSRians:

Pooja Sharma: Vibhor is the ‘King of Wands’, or the “Chosen One” as I always say. He is a clear hearted person, who is dedicated towards the betterment of the world, and of course for #JusticeforSSR movement. I am his mother from previous birth, and my instincts are still connecting to him. I am extremely proud of him and my love and best wishes are for him, forever. ..

Shashank Chickermane: I admire Vibhor’s truthfulness and his dedication. The way he presents his narratives is absolutely applaudable. It’s a privilege for me to work as his team member. We need more warriors like him. I congratulate him for completing one year in the movement. I extend my full support to him and pray that he continues doing the good work.

Anupama: I have been following Vibhor since August 2020 and over last one year, I have realised that he stands his ground firmly and does what he believes in. When everyone left the #JusticeforSSR movement, it was he who continued the fight, went to jail and is still fighting. I wish everyone gets a son like him, the one who is strong, dedicated and stern. I am proud to be associated as the moderator in his team. I salute the positive outlook of Vibhor and pray all his wishes come true.

@PhotonsJustice: Vibhor’s contribution has been of paramount importance in the #JusticeforSSr movement. His ability to openly question the wrongs, especially the involvement of the Bullyweed actors and the bigwigs in all the wrong businesses sets him apart from the crowd. He was arrested unduly, and has been facing constant backlash ever since he returned back from the jail on bail. The movement is incomplete without the valuable contribution of this brave warrior.

Precious Smile: Initially, I had my reservations towards his way of operating. I felt he was too blunt, but as time went by, his genuineness won my heart. Not just his narratives, his eyes too radiate authenticity. For me, Vibhor bhai is like the north pole star who has been giving us direction through his narratives and keeping the SSR movement alive.

Elisaba Tirkey : Like many, June 2020 was a tough month for me, engraved with emotional turmoil, questions, anger, confusion and sadness. In search of finding the truth, I heard Vibhor bhai for the first time in August 2020. His words, his bluntness made me ponder and I decided to begin my research for the sake of truth. His bravery made me realize that it’s not that easy to make a statement and stand by it. This movement is not only for Sushant, but is for the betterment of our future generation and for a better world to live in. We stand by Vibhor, let’s be the change together !

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  1. Vibhor is the chosen one who opened the eyes of sleeping sheeps and made common people to connect the dots. Definitely I’m with him for his relentlessly efforts in bringing out the truth


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