Say goodbye to gym, follow easy-to-do ‘home workout’ tricks

Are you among those who believe that fitness can be achieved only if you are investing in fancy gym memberships? Well, that’s what most people assume, but it’s not true. Going to the gym is not ‘that’ necessary if staying fit and maintaining a lean frame is on your mind. During the ongoing pandemic scenario, we all learned how to readjust ourselves to the ‘new normal’ and are improvising with each passing day, making use of the ‘basics’ available at home. In an exclusive for Life Confluence, Sports Nutritionist Hasti Singh, Founder, Hasti Transformations, demonstrates how you can – without utilising high-end fitness paraphernalia and gym gear – transform your overall health and attain greater fitness levels. Read on

Squats with a bag on your back: Backpacks are great for carrying books and laptops to school or work. Wear it while you crouch down. Squat jumps are a great aerobic exercise to get your heart pounding.

Curly water bottle: With a pair of water bottles, you can target both biceps and triceps. Simple: locate a pair of bottles that look identical and fill them up evenly, and you’re set. Bicep curls may now be performed with the bottles.

Deadlift with a bucket of water: Do you miss deadlifting? The weight can be replaced with a pail of water instead of the sandbags. To do deadlifts, fill a bucket according to your pulling capabilities.

Bending the sides of a hand towel: Hand towels are all you need for obliques (sides). Keep your hands straight while doing side bends, and you’ll be working your obliques in no time. You’ll notice a change when you try it out.

Keeping your book in balance: Beyond educating, books may help you lose weight and gain muscle. Just take out all the books that you never read and start your fitness regimen. Start by balancing them on the head and moving slowly, followed by push-ups.

Stairs to nowhere: Run up and down the stairs in your home or apartment complex to get some cardio while staying indoors. After a few minutes, you’ll start to feel the heat.

Wall by the Side: How many times have you had to sit on the wall during a gym lesson when you were younger? Bringing them back to life has never been more important. One minute is the starting point, and you may build up to 30 seconds a day. So, give away all those excuses and start your workout routine today.

Listen to the podcast:–follow-easy-to-do-home-workout-tricks-e180jk1/a-a6jp6i4

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