An emotional art journey: Voice from InnerSoul

The National Capital Region witnesses the coming together of artists as Krantz Art Gallety presents ‘Voice from InnerSoul’, curated and conceptualized by Iqbal Krishna. Capturing the essence that emotion is the key to art, the exhibition of exquisite paintings and sculptures is going on at the Krantz Art Gallery, Gurugram, so mark your calendars, and read on more about the very essence that the participants bring for you…

An artist can express a feeling through paint or gestures. With a focus on engaging and pushing new boundaries within multidisciplinary parameters and practices of art and design, Voice from InnerSoul is an art project that strives to educate, inspire, and lift the creative spirits within. Since ancient times, art has been accepted as an integral part of life. Translating the artist felt experiences into the grammar of line, form, colour, texture, and space in a way that is uniquely his own produces Voice from InnerSoul. It involves a response to the inner free soul, whispering the unseen with the unheard, resulting in a union of conscious and subconscious emotions.

Curated by Iqbal Krishna, the exhibition revolves around the idea that God resides within, and many people have achieved greatness by hearing their inner voices. In Iqbal’s view, God communicates with his pupils through images and gestures while doing prayer and, those who devote themselves to the Almighty will understand what those signals symbolize. Speaking about the curation of the exhibition, Krishna says, “I am very excited as it is after a long time that we are curating such a concept. This exhibition is very close to my heart as it has my own emotions and experiences attached to it, which I am trying to showcase through these artists.”

The exhibition offers you a way to reconnect with your lost self as well as bridge the gap between you and the divine. This reflection of an individual’s perception, contemplation, and meditation gives the creation its uniqueness. It is here, where the genesis of the exhibition ‘Voice from InnerSoul’ lies in creating the opportunity for the viewer to submerge in the trance while identifying with the masterly strokes in the work of the artists such as Aradhana Chowdhary, Lakshmi|, Maria-Margarita, Shreya Ahuja, Swati Sanil Sahu , Shubham Malav, Swapan Roy , Christina, Neeraj Sharma, Neha Bisht, Niharica Aggarwal, Sashrika, Sonam Gupta, Manish Pandey, Dr. Subrata Bose.

Date – September 6 to 15

Venue: Krantz Art gallery,  C-1014, Vyapar Kendra Rd, Block C, Sushant Lok Phase I, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

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