Curating baby sleep solutions: Shruti Malani

We all know how a good night’s sleep has a direct repercussion on the physical and emotional wellbeing of growing babies and children. Though there is no magical number of hours for babies/toddlers/children to sleep, yet sleep, or perhaps lack of it is usually the most talked about topic among the parents. Beddy, the baby and child sleep solution brand of Centuary mattresses, is exclusively dedicated to providing the best sleep solutions for babies and children keeping in mind their growing bodies.

Shruti Malani, co-founder, Beddy, believes the real power of a woman sits deep in her heart, and this very reserve of strength is held close by the new age woman. As a mother of two, Shruti could very well relate to the need to introduce a line of mattresses that are safe for children of all ages, are firm, waterproof and are breathable as well. A mother knows it all, and while curating Beddy, Shruti envisaged her motherhood experiences into the research for creating a mattress line that is absolutely safe and doesn’t compromise on the quality. An exclusive conversation with Nitika Bajpayee

Q. A mattress brand for babies is quite a unique idea, please share some insights on how did you carved your niche in this niche segment?

A. The journey began with a challenging start, owing to the niche it caters to. In today’s time, parents are quite aware and recognize what’s good for their baby. So, the role of a good mattress in a baby’s development, is gradually understood by the new age parents, hence we faced challenges in educating the sellers in order to create a virtually non-existent product category from scratch. Of course, since Beddy came from the house Centuary Mattresses, it definitely carried a lot of credibility and trust and helped us become one of the leading players in the market.

Q. You are a mother yourself, so how did your motherhood experiences play a catalyst in building Beddy from scratch?

A. Of course, my motherhood experience acted as an inspiration in building the research for child-safe mattresses. When I was nearing the end of my first pregnancy, like all new mothers I was looking to buy a sturdy baby cot and the mattress. While I found some good baby cots, there were hardly any options for a good baby mattress available. The ones available were of low-quality foams or springs and synthetic fabrics, none of which could be good for babies. I am also heading the exports at Centuary, hence I researched a little more by contacting some of the best baby mattress manufacturers in the world and customized a mattress at the Centuary factory for my baby. This was the first Beddy. The more I came in contact with young mothers the more I realized the gaping need of a good and natural baby mattress. This led to the launch of Beddy.

Q. You are a successful professional, so in this journey how do you delete stress from your life?

A. I feel, deleting stress boils down to your attitude towards hurdles. It is, of course, natural to have ups and downs when you head out and work in a professional space. To avoid day-to-day stress at work, one can easily include little things in the planner – such as creating a to-do-list for the next day, starring emails that are important and prioritizing things and events. These will surely help working women reduce the burgeoning stress that comes from juggling between home and work. There are, of course, bigger issues that come your way occasionally, and the only way to be prepared for them, is to learn to expect them.

Q. How do you make sure that even while working you stay calm and composed mentally?

A. For the past year, a lot of us have been working from home, which has led to a lot of juggling. Our personal and professional lives are all mixed up. Hence, I try to plan my day beforehand so that I can keep stress at bay.  A calm demeanor is what we all look forward to. I have fixed schedules dedicated for exercise, work and managing things at home. I make sure I spend quality time with my children and family. This helps in keeping the expectations to stay aligned, and mentally motivates me to take on life as it comes.

Q Any activities that you indulge in that give you peace of mind?

A. I enjoy listening to good music. I also take out time to practice yoga and breathing exercises. Also, I love watching Disney movies with my children.

Q. How according to you, young professional women can excel in their professional lives while creating a balance in their personal lives?

 To me, it’s bizarre to think that a perfect professional and personal life balance is possible, especially when your children are young. However, it is important to not give up and try to plan your professional life, and home front better. Ultimately, you need to take each day as it comes. Also, do ask for support whenever you need it.

Q. Do you think it is important for women, especially mothers to spend quality time with themselves before anyone else?

A. As a person, “me time” is very important to me as it gives me ample time to introspect, and be sure that I am happy, and headed in the right direction. I firmly believe that only when I am happy, will I have the ability to spread happiness. So, all you ladies, don’t let those guilt pangs surround you when you get time to spend with oneself.

Q. Please highlight the growth plans you are devising for Beddy?

A. Beddy provides 100% natural products that are ideal for use for babies and children. Beddy Nest and Beddy Blossom are both OEKO TEX certified. Since we understand that the beds and cots in India are not standard, customers have the option to customize their mattresses to any size.

As a brand Beddy is mostly online, and available on our website and on marketplaces such as Amazon, Firstcry, Pepperfry and Flipkart. We intend to continue to grow digitally through these platforms as well as our own d2c handle Beddy is also available in selected retail outlets in Hyderabad.

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