Diva of Timeless Styles: Fashion Designer Deepika Govind

In an exclusive conversation with us, the mistress of timeless styles, fashion designer Deepika Govind, shares her mantras on how women can keep stress a little away by giving little tweak to their lives and lifestyles...

By Nitika Bajpayee

Striking a comfortable balance between Eastern crafting and Western construction, Deepika’s creations transcend both time and culture and thus, stand apart in being at once avant garde and classic. And beneath each of these designs is this distinctive designer‘s inspiration: India. Delving into our country’s heritage – ‘a cultural goldmine’ as she puts it – Deepika has been influenced strongly by the constantly moving, pulsating, evolving aspect of India. Here, she discusses how through doing a little changes, professional women can not only keep stress at bay, but also create a positive shield around them that’ll help them staying away from negative emotions. Read on:

You are a successful professional, so in this journey of profession, how do you delete stress from your life?

Ans: I believe deleting stress is virtually impossible. Coping with stress, however, is what we all strive for. ‘How’ you react to a situation is the key to everything that follows. However grim things seem, I strive to stay positive. I firmly believe self-pity is debilitating and destructive. Whatever comes your way, there has to be a reason for that, hence there ought to be a way to fight this through.  I count my blessings, remember all that I have and reaffirm how fortunate I am. And being grateful makes you aware of how, despite difficult times, you’re still pulling through and are doing well. I am into practicing yoga and meditation. My day begins with these and that gives me the boost I need to meet the challenges of the day.

How do you make sure that even while working you stay calm and composed mentally?

Apart from yoga and meditation, I think nature lends a great healing hand. I try to go on wildlife trips with my family as often as possible, sometimes not often enough.  My brother has an organic farm with over 40 cows, so I make sure I visit the farm at least once a week. By just being there, taking care of the cows, being in the fields is tremendously  rejuvenating. It is very important to take a break – primarily for the sake of sanity and for seeing things in the right perspective.

How according to you, young professional women can excel in their professional lives while creating a balance in their personal lives?

I think it’s important to prioritize and to always be there for your children. I remember, when my sons were young, many a times I got stuck in the workshops or would be working late to finish a collection for an upcoming fashion show or a fashion week. At one point, I would delegate the responsibilities, go home and have dinner with my two boys, check on their homework, tuck them to bed, tell them a bedtime story, and bounce back to the workshop.

I feel it is of utmost importance to not disrupt the family routine just because you’re busy. Be there – mentally and physically – for your children or family. Certain things, shared happily – be it a meal, sitting by the children as they attend their virtual classes or anything that delights you will keep you close to your loved ones. In my case it was always our joyful Sundays wherein we prepared elaborate lunches and everyone played chef. Doing little things such as planning each other’s birthday bashes, just sitting and talking – these things actually make a quite a difference.

Glimpses from the Wedding Prive Trunk Show by Deepika Govind held in Bengaluru earlier this year

Shop her fabulous collection at – http://www.deepikagovind.com




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