Choose organic coz you are what you eat

Is environment preservation and conservation an abstract topic that is best debated upon in seminar halls, and now on zoom calls and webinars? History is testimony to how humans have shaped the world in every possible way. To make the conservation of our environment and ecology a priority, it’s time for the human race to take stock of the otherwise miserable situation and combat it by adopting a rather sustainable approach. In this series, we bring to you visionaries who tell us how through taking small yet imperative steps, we can assure the Earth is nurtured well and preserved for our future generation. Read on –

Urvashi Bhardwaj, Co-Founder, Urvika Organics, Gurugram

Mother Earth has given us a bounty of foods, it’s our job to partake of nature’s bounty to stay healthy and nourished. With an aim to serve healthier alternatives to the refined and the chemically processed foods that our generation has been consuming over all these years, we founded Urvika Organics. Our core belief that ‘We do not have Planet B’, drove us to introduce a line of chemical-free, organic, and holistic food products that come bundled with the goodness of Ayurveda. Me and my partner Sarika Mishra had the same ethos and our sole purpose is to spread awareness about the benefits of going organic.

We all know how our food preferences affect not just our bodies, but the future of the circle life on our planet as well. We aren’t aware of the toxic poisons that are burgeoning in the food chains, poisoning us and our planet for generations to come. So, ideally what you eat is what you are. We get energy directly from what we eat; similarly, our food also gets energy from what’s available to it – after all it’s a living entity. Thankfully, we cannot contaminate the energy sun provides us, so why not purify the nutrients our earth gives us? Through supporting to conserve our earth, we are preserving our health, it’s a full circle. And, I strongly feel it is the need of the hour.

Apart from food, we must also do things that will reduce our carbon footprints. I have absolutely quit the use of single use plastic for past one year, and I have also reduced the use of air conditioner to only a couple of months a year. This Earth Day, I pledge to switch to bucket bath instead of using the shower, which wastes gallons of water and is not an immediate necessity. I would also like to urge you to make a choice in the foods that you consume. Do you wish to eat foods laden with preservatives, chemicals, colours and taste enhancers, artificially processed foods that come bundled with not so good fat? I leave it to you to decide…

Urvika Organics

Founded in 2019, brand Urvika offers wide range of food items such as organic cold pressed cooking oils, natural desi cow ghee, organic pulses and lentils, sharbati atta, multigrain attas, hand pounded rice, spices and condiments, sweeteners like jaggery cubes, coconut sugar and raw sugar.  

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