Class apart: Dr Kavita Lohiya Bajpai

A good life is the one inspired by love and guided by knowledge, says Dr Kavita Lohiya Bajpai, a passionate educationist from Mumbai in an exclusive conversation with Nitika Bajpayee…

What separates Dr Kavita Lohiya Bajpai from other educators in the country is the way she defines her role. Her desire to qualitatively contribute to the ever-evolving education system keeps her motivated to step out of her comfort zone. In her tryst with the new-age education system, Dr Kavita got associated with schools through training programmes, workshops and professional development programmes in capacity of being Director and Education Solution Provider. Applauded for being a passionate educationist, and it is her pragmatic approach towards her field of expertise that makes her a progressive leader.

With a master’s degree in physics and a doctorate in education leadership, Dr Kavita’s ability to innovate gives wings to her spontaneity and creative satisfaction. Recognised widely for her child centric approach, skills, and progressive thinking, Kavita believes the very purpose of education is not to build the future of children or youth, rather it’s about building their readiness and developing their innate talents for the prospective future and unknown path they may have to endure. “These are the life skills and values we look forward to inculcate in our children and youth. I feel proud and blessed being a part of the educators’ community as they make life truly meaningful and magical,” proudly states Dr Kavita.

Ask her what her achievements are? And she is quick to say, ‘I am a woman, with dreams’. Her child centric innovative ideas have contributed immensely to the success of the institutions she has been associated with. “I firmly believe to succeed in life, you must learn to be compassionate as well as stay focused. To tread ahead in your professional and personal journeys, you need to persevere, and you will triumph without any doubt,” says the educator, who is also known for her pleasant and calm demeanor.

Dr Kavita is a spontaneous orator and a fabulously gifted woman, who draws inspiration from Rani Lakshmi Bai (Jhansi ki Rani), for she has always had the deep sense of devotion and piety. “I hail from Jhansi and Jhansi ki Rani has been my all-time inspiration for her unflinching courage under adverse circumstances. Her emancipative spirit, firm determination, defiant nature, unostentatious lifestyle and numerous other qualities inspire me to the core,” she says adding how her mother’s learning played a catalyst to her success, “No one can ever define mother, I am proud of the fact that my mother ingrained in me and my sister the resilience, perseverance and the quality to navigate the negative. My mother’s perspective on life and her holistic learnings made me an environmentally aware person. She instilled confidence in me and always encouraged me to do what I loved. I am what I am all because of her,” shares the multifaceted lady.

Dr Kavita has been donning many a hats and is multitasking with the roles such as – Academic Director – The International School Of Thrissur; Co-Founder of a network to provide education solutions, KB Edu Ventures Pvt Ltd, Member – GLG, Subject Expert & Panelist – ISRO Educational Programs. Dr Kavita is also an independent education advisor to various organisations and is also an executive member of Om Puri Foundation where she is committed to work for weavers’ and artisans’ community. She is currently involved in penning down her book – a racy fiction novel and an anthology of her poems.

As a philanthropist Dr Kavita enjoys spending time with children with special needs. “Seeing the unbridled joy on the faces of these special ones gives me immense satisfaction. I wish and aim to make these children independent and develop their confidence because as per me they are definitely not different from others,” she urges.

With so much on her platter, she never hesitates in taking pride in being an educator. “The world of education itself keeps me stress free,” she says. Kavita exudes positivity as shares how people know her for her calm demeanor and her qualitative decision making abilities, “I am an ardent believer of the fact that mindfulness helps in developing calmness and compassion. Being mindful helps me in analysing the said situation before reacting. I owe to only the attempts I try to take towards achieving mindfulness. The reactive and impulsive behaviour can be well taken care and unnecessary stress can be avoided through mindfulness.” At times when work related stress hampers her, she prefers to indulge in some meditative music, or listens old Bollywood numbers. “I love reading short stories and playing with my four-legged furry boy Easter,” she shares.

Those who know her personally would vouch for the fact that she is a brilliant poetess and excels in cooking and photography as well. Her posts on Facebook under the hashtags #Kavita_Ki_Kalam_Se and #KB_Kitchen are sought after on the social media platforms. People like me, who have been following her on her social media handles for years, look up to her for her sense of styling and fashion. “There is no point pursuing something if you do not wish to master it, so yes, I love doing things these wonderful things. Activities such as yoga, playing sitar, writing poems, photography, practicing Kathak singing, help me bringing back my peace of mind. Sometimes it’s the retail therapy that keeps me sane, I am a woman after all,” she gushes.

Dr Kavita was recently featured in the Femina magazine in their annual feature on ‘50 Influential Women in India’. She was featured alongside 49 other influential women achievers who are excelling in their respective fields of work. “I feel amazed that my body of work got me this recognition, I still feel the goosebumps, but certainly this is also a responsibility to live up to the expectations of many who have shown faith in me and acknowledged my efforts,” excitedly shares Kavita.

So, how according to her, professional women can shine in their professional lives while creating a balance in their personal lives? “Finding out the ‘me time’ is of utmost importance as it saves you from getting into unnecessary frustration and that self-pity mode. I feel mental well-being makes life comparatively smoother,” she signs off adding, “This International Women’s Day, I would like to encourage my women friends to read and imbibe the essence of this beautiful quote by Swami Vivekananda – Talk to yourself at least once in a day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an excellent person in this world.” Wonderful suggestion Dr Kavita, more power you.

Words of Wisdom for Womenfolk:

  • Keep your family your priority as I strongly feel that family and well-wishers play a strong role in acknowledging your efforts.
  • Be compassionate and focused.
  • Learn to set priorities in life.


  • Dr Kavita Lohiya Bajpai has an experience of more than 20 years in the education field, and in leadership role for 10 years.
  • She has handled various national and international curriculums.
  • She is involved in planning and execution of successful CSR programs with media mileage.
  • Networking is her strength.
  • She is also working (honorary) on Heritage conservation for past 12 years, along with developing an awareness program for the age group of 8 to 14 years so that they can understand and take pride in our rich and varied heritage.

Picture credits: Dr Kavita Lohiya Bajpai

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