Mistress of astounding strength: Preeti Chaudhary

Life is all about surging ahead with confidence, believes Preeti Chaudhary, the education visionary from Delhi. Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Nitika Bajpayee

Preeti Chaudhary, the very energetic education visionary, working with Sanskar Pre School and Day Care as the Head Mistress, believes the power of women sits deep in her heart and this very reserve of strength is held by each one of us – the new age women. According to Preeti, a woman represents the circle of life – from creation to completion, “Being a woman true to your potential is absolutely extraordinary. A woman is the creator and the giver; she’s the provider and the nurturer – she’s a born multi-tasker. So, I think how women feel about themselves, decides the course of direction of their lives.,” says Preeti, fondly known across her circuit as ‘Preeti mam’.

Education is the passport to a better future. But when education is combined with the core values the Indian culture imparts, it becomes the recipe for a brighter future. Preeti is on a mission to prepare her students academically as well as socially, so that they become responsible citizens of tomorrow. “At Sanskar Pre School and Day Care, we collaborate education with Indian cultural values. The prime idea behind conceptualising Sanskar was to have an educational facility in the Sarita Vihar region, which while giving wings to the children keeps them rooted to their values,” shares Preeti on the importance of inculcating the right values in children, adding, “Our objective is to help children understand their core talents, and we work on enhancing their talents with our team of experts – qualified teachers and trained care-givers. I reiterate time and again, that Sanskar is the foundation for a better future, I urge you to pay a visit to believe what we do to make your child a citizen, the society and the country would be proud of.”

There’s nothing called a ‘perfect woman’, adamantly suggests Preeti as she says, “Life is all about imperfections. I love imperfections! One must learn to embrace imperfections and work upon them. After all, we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly.”

No doubt, we can either actively choose to celebrate the wonderous achievements of a woman or challenge the stereotypes she is trapped in. “What is life without barriers?” asks Preeti, answering her own question, “I can only tell you what I personally practise. When you feel deviated from your path, or when situations turn negative, or when dejection hampers your piece of mind – try and count your blessings. Ask yourself if you are in better situation than the destitute; you will get your answer.”

Preeti encourages women to train their minds to see good in every situation life throws at them. As they say, the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. “Learn to banish ego and stay grounded as much as possible. And most importantly, believe in the supreme power that is running this universe, believe he is with you; strengthen your bond with the universe. All this will help you sail positively and smoothly in the rough egoistic waters of the world.”

Known for her positive outlook and strong demeanour, Preeti deliberates the need for discipline, dedication, punctuality and honesty, which according to her, can take help you achieve your life goals. Throwing light on her professional life, Preeti says, “My profession is my passion. Since my childhood, I always dreamt to be a teacher. Now, I am living my dream and self-musing. On the work front, I stick by two rules – build a team and keep them motivated; and do not carry the burden of official work home. It is imperative to keep your personal and professional lives separate, that way, you can be more productive and stay inspired. I get my piece of mind by practicing meditation, gardening, yoga and also go fo regular walks,” she suggests.

Preeti is an astute professional who, during the Covid-19 pandemic spent her majority time helping the poor and the destitute. “The pandemic surrounded our lives with so much negativity, but I turned the disaster into an opportunity by connecting to our roots. My soul urged me to extend a helping hand to the needy, so I took up the task of imparting qualitative education to the children living in the villages near my hometown in Uttar Pradesh. Under the aegis of Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, I was successfully able to impart my knowledge concerning yoga and meditation to the young minds of our country. I want to quote Bhagwat Geeta which says – Yoga is journey of the self, through the self, by the self,” Preeti recommends women to dive into the magical ocean of Yoga to witness the supreme bliss.

One word that encapsulates the essence of Preeti Chaudhary is – Happiness. “I stay happy and I consider this as my strength. The sole purpose of all my endeavours is to happiness and only happiness,” signs off Preeti.

Words of Wisdom for Womenfolk:

  • Hold your ground as strongly as possible.
  • Segregate your work efficiently
  • Do not get bothered by negativity or negative situations
  • Be courageous to fight back the weak moments
  • Create happy circuit which gives you positive vibes only
  • Learn to relax

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