Inspire to empower : Deepali Shanbhag

Deepali Shanbhag, the business analyst from the garden city of India – Bengaluru, is a happy soul who passionately believes in keeping your face to the sunshine, and you will not be able to see a shadow. An exclusive interview with Life Confluence by Nitika Bajpayee..

Crowned as Mrs Karnataka in 2019, she set an example to her younger counterparts by participating in the pageant, organised by Abhayahastha foundation, only to inspire people to stop body shaming. The lady with gorgeous dimples and the most infectious smiles believes in doing her part and let Karma do the needful.

In today’s bustling lives, stress is like our second skin. Throwing light on the concept called ‘stress’, Deepali shares, “One cannot delete stress from their lives, but, if we try we can always concentrate on things that make us feel positive and relaxed.” Her mantra in life is ‘Do not carry the stress home’. “I take inspiration from my working parents, who always made sure not to bring their stress home. You will notice positive changes when you keep your work and personal lives separate. There are times when I bring home the work, but stress is something I leave outside my home boundary, and then step inside,” says Deepali.

While scaling up the corporate ladder, Deepali actively also spends time in motivating and promoting ‘Women Entrepreneurs’. She helps these promising women improve their businesses and market reach through a business group that she moderates. She reiterates that this endeavour helps her channelise her energy, “I feel that through this, I am adding qualitative value in someone else’s life. The more you give, the happier you become. This realisation helped me attain tranquillity.”

A typical day in the life of Deepali begins with penning down her to-do list in her diary, her prized possession. “My diary is my constant companion, finding its place even in my purse. Early in my career, I realised the importance of organsing things so that I do not ever compromise on my work and personal life balance. I think we should never compromise on our responsibilities. To stay calm, composed and most importantly focused, you need to plan your days meticulously,” thoughtfully shares Deepali focussing on the need of setting up priorities in life.

According to Deepali, the world would throw ample choices on you – be it climbing up the career ladder or be a stay-at-home mom, but it is essential to understand how you could strike a balance. “Fourteen years back when my son was born, I promised myself that I will not jump from one company to another seeking the thrills of promotions and higher salary perks. I decided that I would stick to a place where I get to create a balanced life. And, today I am – an independent working professional, who never compromised on the duties as a mom. My splendid 17-year-long career has seen a series of achievements and promotions; but when my son says – Thanks for being there for me always, Mom – my heart melts with happiness.”

Those who know Deepali personally, would vouch for the fact that this social media butterfly never shies away from showing off her comic side – to her friends and even on the social media. “Yes, I am a social media enthusiast and I spend my free time on the social media as it helps me take a variety of perspectives from the lives of people from different backgrounds.” She is an ardent saree lover, and gracefully has posed for numerous saree brands, run by women entrepreneurs. Her love for silver jewellery and penning down her thoughts is known to those following her – like me – on various groups . Her infectious laughter and the way she twitch her eyes exude positivity like no other and instantly brings a smile on your face.

This Women’s Day, Deepali urges women to spread happiness. “I firmly believe in ‘Love thy self’ because you cannot spread happiness if you are not happy from within, , signs off Deepali wishing our readers a very Happy Women’s Day

Words of wisdom for young professional women –

  • Always set priorities in life and at workplace.
  • Prepare a timetable
  • Self-pampering helps in improving your perception about yourself, and that in turn helps reducing stress.
  • Set aside time for that guilt-free self-pampering. 
  • Spending time on yourself should not be considered selfish – you deserve to be happy.

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