The Earth is counting on you and me

Is environment preservation and conservation an abstract topic that is best debated upon in seminar halls or on zoom calls and webinars? History is testimony to how humans have shaped the world in a positive way. To make the conservation of our environment and ecology a priority, it’s time for the human race to take stock of the otherwise miserable situation and combat it by adopting a rather sustainable approach. We bring to you visionaries who tell us how through taking small yet imperative steps, we can assure the Earth is nurtured well and preserved for our future generation…

Vineet Vohra, Give Me Trees Trust, New Delhi

My aim has been to tap the endless potential trees give our lives. You will be surprised to know that all our problems have only one solution – trees. I work to impart information about these green treasures and share the ecological importance some of the rare and anonymous species of trees have. Today’s world is a rarefied space where pollution of every type is at its peak –  the cars are honking, the number of vehicles is increasing, the air is bad and the elements present in the air are enough to make us sick, very sick.

There is perhaps only one solution that help us in all the dire situations our planet is facing today. And that is to increase the tree count and the leaf count. It has become an absolute necessity to plant more and more trees – if you have quantitative land, you can plant small plants abundantly in your balconies. The ‘Where, what and how’ becomes essential and this can be achieved through nature education. I firmly believe that we are the last generation who can take necessary steps to save our future generations and the habitat.

Trees are water magnets and Oxygen bombs, which help in keeping our immune system up and working in the most natural way. I feel trees are Gods on Earth and we must work together to save them, as they are life bearers as well. In an attempt to promote the increase in the tree count and the leaf count, I promote green activities and work closely with schools, colleges, corporates and institutes. Going green is the only viable option we have if we have to save our planet. Give Me Trees Trust is devoted to planting and protecting trees and in the process has facilitated the planting and preservation of over 20 million trees across India.

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