Quit these for a healthy pregnancy

Rushali is in her second trimester, and is following the saying – An expecting mom eats for two – quite enthusiastically. Day in and day out, her lifestyle revolves around the health of her unborn. True, a pregnant woman’s lifestyle often affects the growth and development of the foetus in her womb. But, do you know that a woman’s lifestyle plays a catalyst in her chances to conceive, and conceive a healthy baby. If a healthy pregnancy is on your and your partner’s minds, it’s time you bid goodbye to those endless cups of coffee and kick that butt of cigarettes. We bring to you some unhealthy habits; you should chuck as you prepare your body to conceive a healthy baby and embrace motherhood. Read on-

Caffeine: According to researches, the caffeine in your coffee can have adverse effects on your fertility levels. Those aromatic cups of brew the can lead you to face issues such as reduced fertility and lags in ovulation. Consumption of caffeine also increases the risk of miscarriage. So, our advice is : If you are consciously trying to conceive a normal pregnancy, it is imperative that you eliminate all sources of caffeine for at least three months from your diet. Caffeine doesn’t only mean coffee or tea, but this includes energy drinks, chocolates as well as the aerated drinks.

Tobacco/Smoking: If the warning messages on cigarette packs aren’t enough to keep you away from kicking the butt, then perhaps it is all the more important for you to read this. Cigarettes or tobacco can make it not only hard but almost impossible for you to conceive normally. Yes, blame it on the interfering properties of tobacco which doesn’t let ovulation succeed normally, hence causes the delay. And if you already are on the family way and expecting a baby, it is absolutely mandatory for you to quit tobacco as your exposure to nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide can severely affect your baby’s lungs and his overall development, which includes his brain as well. Also, it is one of the primary reasons that can lead to a premature delivery.

Alcohol: Consuming of alcohol in terms of drinking is again a primary agent that reduces fertility levels harshly. Irrespective of the fact that you are drinking heavily or lightly increase the risk of miscarriage as well as still birth. The expecting mother needs to understand that there is no safe time to consume alcohol during those nine months, as alcohol can reasonably affect the growth of the baby and can interfere in the normal growth and development of the foetus. From abnormal facial features, to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum (FAS), to low body weight, the effects of alcohol can also lead the pregnant woman into early labour and preterm delivery.

Sugar: If the expecting mother keeps consuming a lot of sugar – in terms of white refined sugar, white flour, white rice, potatoes along with sugary stuff like the chocolates, cakes, pastries, chips etc – then there are very strong chances that her unborn baby may develop a sweet tooth too. Yes, babies do develop their taste buds while in gestation. Not just that, the baby will be at a greater risk of developing diabetes later in his life as well. It has been noted that many expectant mothers crave for sugary and sweet things such as halwa, ice creams, cakes, chocolates etc. We would suggest you to keep a close eye on your sugar intake and eat everything in moderation. This will keep your taste buds calm and your cravings satiated.

Junk Foods: Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit, and if during pregnancy the expectant mother keeps her health a priority, nothing can harm her unborn. So, it will be advisable to keep those endless slices of pizzas, ajinomoto laden Chinese food at bay along with other junk foods. The greasy and buttery gravy of the butter chicken may cost you your fertility if you do not restrain yourself. The trans-fat present in these foods directly imply to obesity, and obesity is the first barrier to conceive normally. Obesity is a situation that can affect your health adversely only, and definitely it is not good for regular ovulation. So, it is advisable to stick to a balanced diet that is bundled with plenty of nutrition.

Stress: Anxiety, depression and chronic stress can undoubtedly create a hormone imbalance which will restrain you from getting pregnant and conceive normally. Stress not only interferes in ovulation and fertility, but you will be amazed to know babies whose moms experienced chronic stress during the gestation period are more prone to depression and irritability. In case, you are taking infertility treatments, be sure that stress will not let the treatment yield better results.

Sleep deprivation: Once you are done with your official work, it is essential to hit the snooze mode, as it aids and improves the fertility. Make sure you get eight hours of sleep and also follow a regime for going to bed and waking up.

Levels of workout: It wont be wrong to say that your fitness level determines how easy or difficult your pregnancy will turn out. Though it is essential to start exercising before trying to conceive. It also helps during pregnancy as you can keep excess weight in check, give you strength and avoid gestational diabetes as well. But kindly, do not overdo it. Too much of exercise can be stressful for the body and can hamper the process of natural conception.

Kick these not-so-good habits, sooner the better – for you and for your unborn and for a happy pregnancy. The prospect of getting pregnant is all the motivation you need, it is a good idea to switch to a better lifestyle from today. Good luck!

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