Two-Gether: Love is the only constant!

When you fall in love, you rise! Be it emotionally or mentally, love heals the ailing hearts and creates a shield and gives you the right way forward. In this thrilling journey of love, there is no greater joy than growing ‘young’ together. From mushy interactions with the beloved to taking romantic walks together, candle-lit dinners to giving valuable gifts, the idea of love is actually different to each one of us. So, what’s your idea of love? Let’s discover the shades of love with six couples who swear by how love makes their lives beautiful…

Megha and Rumya Swarup, Oman

Married for the last 11 years, love is a way of life for Megha and Rumya, who are literally inseparable since their wedding. From traveling to exotic locations for their anniversaries to heading for lavish birthday dinners, the lovelt couple shares an immense fondness for travelling. Residing in the Middle East, Rumya and Megha feel it was their relationship which made them adjust to the new territory. “For both me and Rumya, love means being by each other’s side – like a rock. We are each other’s support system and the way we complement each other in all aspects of life is magical. We have created our little universe here in Muscat in Oman and we are upbeat about it,” says a cheerful Megha. Her handsome husband with the delicious smile believes, “The possibilities of love and affection are endless, we just need to harness them in a way that it makes you a better individual. For us, spending time in each other’s company, having mutual trust and filing up our shortcomings – together – is the very essence of our love life.”

The beautiful couple enjoys complimenting each other on regular basis. “We like to utter the three magical words (I Love You) almost daily since both of us are romantic at hearts in our own ways,” suggests Rumya to which Megha is quick to respond, “Yes, I surprise him by setting up or arranging romantic dinners, while I adore when he surprises me with a bunch of lilies – my favourite flowers.” Their romantic dinners are usually filled with good music and amorous ambience. Megha is a fantastic dancer and Rumya too enjoys to shake a leg with his wife and their eight-and-a-half-year-old daughter. I asked them how would they like to summarise their relationship in one word, and the duo together answered – Beautiful. Well, I must say, it’s a beautiful world when your beloved is your soulmate.

Rumya loves the way Megha dresses up and dishes out delectable recipes for the family.
Megha is a big fan of Rumya’s sense of humour and of course his singing.

Roufeera and Mujeeb Rehman, Tirur, Kerala

For almost two decades, Roufeera and Mujeeb have had the perfect symphony of the soulful marriage. While he is an astute professional, a networking genius, she on the other hand is a combination of a docile homemaker and a fierce hotelier. This ‘close to the roots’ couple hails from Tirur in Kerala. Married happily for the last 17 years, Mujeeb and Roufeera are doting parents to their three children – Rinsha, Mirshan and Rimshan.

Their belief that ‘love is eternal’ has kept the magic alive in their marriage through the years. “Love means sharing, mutual respect and care for your partner, and it comes as naturally to us as to any other couple. Roufeera is always trying to be unique and choose the path less travelled and this quality of hers outshines her and makes her stand out as an individual,” shares Mujeeb.

The couple not only shares their lives together but are also partners in their business venture RM Holidays. Nestled in nature’s lap, RM Holidays’ Black Forest Resort is situated in Wayanad and is run by the Rehmans. Their unstinting love for their resort makes them interact with each other on professional lines, which at times gets different to their personal relationship. “Roufeera is a radical thinker and a thorough professional when it comes to managing the resort activities. Having her as my spouse and partner in all my creative ventures is highly enriching,” says the proud husband.

“I believe that life is a ‘shared passion’ and over all these years, we have grown to be appreciative of each other’s strengths. Love, after all, is the very foundation of any healthy relationship,” affirms Roufeera. While Mujeeb is involved in high power corporate ventures, Roufeera most of the times donning the role of a homemaker. “When you do something together, you actually discover the new side to your partner and in that journey, love grows fonder,” signs off Mujeeb. As the doting husband, Mujeeb loves Roufeera’s cooking and her ability to adapt and reconcile to his ways of functioning. Roufeera on the other hand simply adores how accommodative Mujeeb is. A match made in heaven, I say!
Next time when you are visiting Kerala, do visit Black Forest Resort in Wayanad and you could meet this incredible couple. Located in Kenichara in Wayanad district of Kerala, the resort is just a six hour drive from Bengaluru. So, whenever you wish to enjoy a holiday in the lap of nature, Black Forest is a great option.

Silviya and Satyansh, New Delhi

Her beautiful doe eyes compliment his charming smile. For all his magnificent tattoos, she has a chirping laughter. Silviya and Satyansh, the travel professionals from New Delhi, had a major rift which turned into an argument the very first time they spoke to each other, on a professional phone call. But as destiny would have it, this phone call turned into something they would cherish later in their lives – it acted as the catalyst for them to fall in love. “You have to fall in love to actually rise in life. And ours is a clear example of how love lifts you professionally, mentally and of course emotionally,” says the newly married Silviya.

The couple got married last year in 2020, just before the lockdown was announced. Ask Satyansh how he feels this one year has gone by, and he is quick to answer, “I now know why marriage is considered the ‘boondi ka laddoo’,” smiles Satyansh adding, “Honestly, we are lucky that we got to spend maximum time with each other and this pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for both of us. We eventually got acclamatised to the likes and dislikes of one another and got the hang of how the other functions in stressful situations.”

This enviably handsome couple comes from different religious backgrounds. Satyansh is a Hindu Brahmin while Silviya is a Christian. But religion never played a tricky role in their relationship. “I pray to Hindu gods and even celebrate Hindu festivals with equal fervour. Reading Hanuman Chalisa has been my ritual for years now. Between the two of us, religion has never a point of contention. You do not need any private space, just the will to do things together.” suggests Silviya.

Theirs is a fairytale come true! Bundled with a bit of drama, catty banter and their immense love for food and dogs, makes their chemistry like a house on fire. “We both just love dogs and looking forward to adopting a golden retriever in the coming days. It was our love for dogs that led to friendly chats after that phone call fiasco. I had the picture of myself with my pet Coco on the WhatsApp, he saw that and pinged me with a relatively less spoilt. The rest they say is history,” smiles Silviya.

Raised in a Christian family, Silviya’s cooking skills are honed to perfection, which makes Satyansh look forward to the weekends – that’s when she dishes out delectable fare from her kitchen. “I simply love the non-vegetarian dishes she makes, especially the kali mirch murgh, mutton biryani, chicken sandwiches and bread puddings. In fact, it would be perfect if I say she has made not only mine, but my entire family’s life colourful,” simplifies Satyansh.


  • Satyansh and Silviya love taking holidays in the hills, and Kasol is their favourite destination in the Indian hill state of Himachal Pradesh
  • Silviya recently learnt driving and Satyansh is readily taking credit for her flawless driving.

Geetu and Vipin Chauhan, New Delhi

Journalism is a high-pressure job. Newsrooms are buzzing with excitement, scripts are written with rarefied deadlines and reporters are on their toes to break some more news in a typical news channel setting. In this moment, love is not something that any journalist would think about. Straddling between newsrooms and flickering the piles of newsworthy documents, Geetu and Vipin found love. Geetu has been a news anchor and Vipin is a renowned journalist with a leading television news channel. For this charming couple, love is not a mere word, but a deep expression which is bundled with mutual respect. The couple leaves no stone unturned to make sure that they create a loving environment for each other to excel in their personal as well as professional lives. “With time you grow in a relationship and I personally think the whole dynamics of love has changed with time, Now, love doesn’t mean only the words, it means the world,” says Geetu.

With each passing day, as your relationship grows, you see new dimensions to your partner’s overall persona. And, this duo is no different, “Over all these years of marriage, we have literally witnessed each other. We have seen how different we expected each other to react in a particular situation and how differently the other reacted when the situation arose. So, love is also about discovering hidden qualities of your partner,” says Vipin.

This journalist couple is never ashamed of counting their blessings, in fact they ensure they spend quality time with their respective families, as mark of gratitude. “We are thankful to god for showering upon us his countless blessings, we have created a happy universe because of our parents are we are thankful to them as well for giving us such values that we could excel in our lives while staying grounded,” the couple shares.


  • Geetu loves Vipin’s extra caring nature not only for her but for the entire family.
  • The couple celebrates all the festivals, be it Valentines Day or Karwa Chauth, together with their family members.

Harsha and Vinay Purswami, New Delhi

Married for 13 years of life, Harsha and Vinay’s life together revolves around the concept of ‘love’ and they believe, ‘love is life’. The Purswamis are avid travellers who enjoy going on long drives, especially to the hills. “We make sure we sneak out quality time from our busy schedules to spend with each other. We enjoy going on lavish holidays, and hills are our favourites,” says Harsha, who is working as the Global Mobility Manager at a leading firm. For this charming couple, it is mandatory to utter the three magical words at least twice or thrice a day. “I think it is very important to show your partner that you love and what better way than to say that you love him/her,” speaks Vinay, who is working as the Service Mobility Manager at an IT firm.

Though Harsha feels she is more romantic than her better half, she simply enjoys coaxing him, to see his cute expressions. “I love his cuteness when I irritate him, he is just adorable,” says the doting wife. From mushy vacations to lavish dinners and cake cuttings, this adorable couple enjoys spending time with each other. Good food and music binds them together. Too much mush, I say!

Ritu and Saurabh Gupta, New Delhi

Life is like a fairytale for this soon to be married couple – Ritu and Saurabh. Working as the Quality Analyst, Ritu is a charming Delhi girl. Saurabh, on the other hand, is pursuing a masters degree in Data Analytics from Dublin. This beautiful couple has a rather chilled out take on the whole idea of love. “Yes, we do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day and sorts, because for us, when we are together that’s the most special occasion. So, why to name it to a day.!” says Saurabh.

With so much celebrity resting on their shoulders, Ritu and Saurabh are quite different in nature, and that’s perhaps how they seek balance – by being beside each other. “While I am more romantic in our relationship, we do not say I Love You to each other ten times a day. Both of us are different and we believe in complementing each other in all ways possible,” says Ritu. The lovely couple is set to begin their lifelong journey, we wish that may love and trust be by their side, forever and ever!


Saurabh loves Ritu’s truthfulness

Their relationship in one word: Loyal

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