hello sunshine! be my Valentine!

Enchanting, inspiring, dazzling – Valentine’s Day is all these and more when you celebrate it in the company of your beloved. February is the month of love and with Valentine’s Day round the corner, it becomes all the more essential to show some love to your partner. Though celebrating Valentine’s may sound cliché to some, for some it is a day that gives them a chance to rekindle their romance. Sun and sand, surf and laze, blues and reds, roses and chocolates, zest and ode, blossom and cherry – that’s the recipe for pure love.

In a two part series, featuring five couples in each, we bring to you the first five stylish married couples, who share their recipe of pure love and tell us what makes their relationship a rock solid one. Read on –

Sanil T and Geetha T, Bengaluru

A man in uniform is usually the most sought after, but this officer’s killer looks are very well complimented by his super stylish wife Geetha, a teacher at a school in Bengaluru. For Sanil, who works as the Air Traffic Controller, Indian Air Force, the very idea of love is letting his partner excel in whatever way she wants and support her by being besides her like a steady rock. Geetha believes love is a close bond which is deeper than affection, attention, lust or friendship. “For me, it’s a mutual expression of respect, trust, intimacy and partnership,” says Geetha. They do not say ‘I love you’ to each other ten times a day, because they believe love is just there, and for them, the actions speak louder than words. “So yeah love is communicated that way,” confirms Sanil.  

Romance is something that is visible in all their talks and pictures, and we would vouch for that! So, who brings the romance in the relationship? Geetha feels they both are equally romantic while Sanil says it’s mostly him. We leave that to both of them to decide!

Romance and humour go hand in hand and so is the case here too. Humour definitely brings them together as Geetha simply loves his sense of humour while Sanil loves how she includes herself in all his jokes. Sanil is fond of percussions and can play a couple of musical instruments including guitar. The duo perform mesmerizing renditions and it’s a sight to behold! Love expressed through soulful music I say! This stylish couple has been married for 22 years and are parents to two grown up boys.


Valentines Day plans: The couple plans to party, dance, drink, eat and have a total blast this Valentine’s.

One word that describes your relationship:  A Fun Companionship!

Lifescope Geetha is a fitness buff and loves to work out. Sanil is an artist and he enjoys to paint.

Priyanka Kalra, and Ashish Kalra, New Delhi

Working as the primary teacher at a leading school in New Delhi, Priyanka is an astute professional and a loving wife to Ashish, who works for a leading shipping company in the city. The couple was lovestruck after their relationship was finalised by their family. The initial days of pure bliss included night long banters, romantic outings and exchange of gifts. The duo enjoyed creating their future universe alongside their very fruitful corporate careers. Married for last 13 years, their relationship is peppered with magical trust and unabated respect for each other. Their camaraderie looks super amazing as in the middle of the conversations, they would just exchange a glance and end up blushing. “Love is the very basis of our lives,” says Priyanka to which Ashish agrees, “Love is more like experiencing, enjoying and achieving our life goals and dreams together.”

The lady with the most gorgeous smile, Priyanka is a Delhi girl who is fond of teddy bears, red little hearts and everything one could associate with romance. But at the same time she is a thorough workaholic, and this trait of hers often leaves Ashish exasperated at times, “She doesn’t look after her health when she is working,” he says. Priyanka simply adores the way Ashish cares for her, especially when she is unwell. “Ashish generally is a very caring person, not only for me but for everyone he is associated with like his friends and colleagues too. When I am working, he would bring some nimbu pani for me or even make a quick sandwich, I love his attention and I just adore this quality of his,” says the proud wife.

The lovely couple is blessed with an 11 year old daughter. For Ashish, the way his beautiful wife has readjusted her career choices and life balance for the sake of upbringing of their only child has created a very special space in his heart. Priyanka feels she is more romantic than her husband and loves complimenting Ashish on daily basis, while he believes everyday compliments make the life complacent so he reserves his compliments for special occasions only. Together, the Kalras are like a house on fire and their scintillating chemistry makes them incandescently in love.


Valentine’s Day: They will spend the Valentine’s weekend in each other’s company at Taj Gateway Resort – Damdama Lake, Gurgaon .

One word that describes your relationship: Priyanka and Ashish believe they are “Soulmates”

Lifescope: In their free time, the couple loves to watch web series and movies. They steal time from their busy schedules and go for some serene walks.

Karuna Kochar and Adarsh Kochar, Bengaluru

As the author of a bestseller – A World of Love – Karuna had donned many a hats as a professional. She’s an author, a life coach and a content curator. Adarsh, on the other hand, is a corporate junkie and is currently the president of a leading ‘no harm’ cosmetic brand. The duo began dating in 2003 and are happily married for the last 16 years. Talking about the very concept of love, Karuna believes one grows up being in love and over a period of time realise that it’s the feeling of being at complete ease in each other’s company. Adarsh’s presence melts her heart and keeps it warm. This stylish couple lives in Bengaluru and have excelled in their respective careers. “Adarsh helped me find my wings and it is because of ‘him’ that I can easily focus on my career, travel out of town without having the guilt pangs of leaving our six year old daughter behind at home,” Karuna says proudly. Adarsh has been strongest pillar in her life, “ There were times when I wanted to quit and match up to being a good wife, a mother and daughter in law. He literally pushed me to chase my dreams and fulfil them too,” asserts Karuna.

The couple usually greets each other with the three magical words (I LOVE YOU) after each phone call and while calling the night. “Our compliments are hard to understand, we have now graduated to understand what lies between the lines,” says Adarsh. So, how similar are they I ask them, to which Karuna says that they are complete opposites – Adarsh is more homely while she is nomadic by nature; she is messy and he is a cleanliness freak. Romance is a way of life for this good-looking couple and that is very much visible the way they interact with each other – cracking jokes, go on lazy holidays and flirting with each other time and again. Sweet 16 and going strong I say!

Valentine’s Day plans: The Kochhars make special efforts in taking out time from their busy schedules andgo on a holiday for Valentine’s. This year too, they will be heading to Sheraton, Bengaluru.

One word that describes your relationship: The Kochars believe their relationship is “Soulful”

Asha Nichani and Ramesh Nichani, New Delhi

Age is just a number for this young-at-heart couple. Retired from PWD, as Class 1 gazette officer, Asha, 64, is widely known for her sweet and generous smile while Ramesh, on the other hand, is a jovial handsome man of 69 years of age, known for his perfectionist nature. Life is all about mutual respect for this retired sexagenarian couple. Sitting in their living room, this gentle couple welcomed me with all the warmth. When I urged to share their thoughts about their idea of love, the duo started laughing. But, they were in unison that love is all about understanding each other and accommodating each other’s choices and preferences, without creating any sort of confusion and void.

Married for the 40 years of life, the Nichanis are leading a very relaxed life, and are actively involved in wellness activities and aim to inspire the next generation in keep themselves fit and healthy. Peace of mind and healthy karmic body is what drives them in this phase of life and touchwood, they are leading healthy lives without any ailments at all.

“We have been actively involved in Yog for last 20 years now, and over a period of time, it has become our way of life,” suggests Ramesh ji to which Asha ji nods in agreement. Asha ji believes the mantra for a happy and peaceful relationship lies in allowing your partner to do what he wants to and extend full support in all his endeavours. Ramesh ji totally vouches for the fact that over the last 40 years of their marriage, Asha ji has been his biggest support and actually motivated him so that both can keep calm and achieve their life goals together.

Ramesh ji holds the position of the secretary at Yog Vigyan Manav Kalyan Trust, Sarita Vihar district which is known for conducting wellness programs even in this pandemic time through their virtual yog sessions. After spending four decades with each other, romance flows thick and fast in the lives of Nichanis. “ The more I walk with him in this life path, the more familiar I become of him, everyday I realise that he is the exceptionally beautiful part of my world, says Asha ji.


Valentine’s Day plan: The couple will head for some shopping followed by a romantic dinner in Gurgaon

Food: Ramesh simply loves the way Asha prepares yummy Baigan ka Bharta, Handi Chhole, Pav Bhaji and Sindhi Kadhi for him.

Lifescope: Asha is extremely fond of playing tambola and shopping, and she drags Ramesh for the same, which he lovingly agrees. They have a huge social circle and indulge in friendly banter with their friends on regular basis.

One word that describes your relationship: The Nichanis say their relationship is “CORDIAL”

Dr Swati Tyagi and Dr Naveen Tyagi, New Delhi

If a couple can be cute and hot the same time, then the Tyagis get my vote – the doctor couple as I fondly call them. Dr Swati Tyagi, Project Manager, Doctors for You, is a shining diva while her husband Dr Naveen is the Deputy Commandant – Medical, Parliament Duty Group, CRPF. Swati and Naveen derive love from the mutual respect and understanding, in fact they are so much into each other that for them, sacrificing oneself for the other is no big deal. The couple is connected on the soul level and believe that love is more than uttering words such as ‘I Love You’. “I think true love can be sensed, smelled, touched and expressed without saying a single word. Love expresses itself by every possible mean and just requires similar feeling from the other end. Hence, that way I think we express the magical words to each other a million times a day,” blushes Swati. What a beautiful thought I say!

“Probably nobody in this universe is exactly similar to someone else and this is due to the unique genetic code we have. But at the same time everyone has something common that we should focus on and that’s how we have found ourselves similar. Moreover, if you share true feelings with the one you love, his or her likes and dislikes automatically becomes similar,” suggests Dr Naveen. The medico couple loves to get their photographs clicked and enjoy going on romantic holidays and staycations. Celebrations and Tyagis are synonymous and life is not less than a dream for this doctor couple.

Compliments: We love complimenting each other as that’s how we express our feelings.

Journey with each other: Our relationship is made of two identities, hence faith and understanding summarize our relationship.

Valentine’s plans: The duo have to appear for an examination on the Valentine’s so perhaps after their exam is over, they may head for a quite romantic dinner.

A day of peace, love and harmony, make the most of it by staying in close company of your beloveds.



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