One of many things – in love with small and beautiful things

Life is not only about big money and a great job. Happy family, naughty children and mother’s smile is the best thing that can make anybody feel satiated with his/her life. While childhood is the best gift, seeing your children grow up is the second best say the experienced ones. And who can forget the first ride on a scooter? This one is for those like me who grew up seeing Chetaks and Lambrettas. A scooter ride was one of the best enjoyed childhood activity apart from playing hide and seek when there was no electricity. And today, when scooters are considered so ‘low class’ ‘substandard’ and ‘down market’ I proudly want to peep in to my childhood and remember those days and this scooter is one of my favourite things 🙂




Antique scooter @Vivaana Culture Hotel, Mandawa. Photograph by Nitika Bajpayee

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