Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna Tiger Reserve is a tropical wildlife retreat, shared by the Panna and Chhatarpur districts of MP. This magnificent park was declared a tiger reserve in 1994 and today is the undisputed crown jewel of the parks of MP. It still has all the mammal fauna which is characteristic of the Ken River tall meadows. Panna is a land of tigers, amidst the lush green forest perched precariously on mountains, felines slink through the undergrowth. Predominantly an open forest, Panna offers a great opportunity to see the majestic tiger and other mammals in open terrain. Panna has also won accolades for the highly successful radio-collaring project on tigers in the park. The park has an amazing weath of wildlife, which includes antelopes, chinkaras, cheetals, sloth bear, hyenas, leopards, jungle cats, jackals, rusty spotted cat, wild boar, small Indian mongoose apart from tigers. There are about six tigers, one male brought to Panna from Pench, one female from Bandhavgarh apart from two cubs. The soothing wilderness of Panna is complemented by the luxurious Ken River lodge, which provides a comfortable stay along with a great chance for you to mix fun with adventure. Apart from witnessing exotic wildlife in Panna, the lodge also offers great opportunities for those interested in trying their hand at angling in the Ken river. Overlooking the pristine river, the lodge also offers exclusive night safari in the jungle surrounding Jhinna village. It is only at Panna that night safari is available for tourists and wayfarers alike.

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