Two’s company: Deep Forest and Rahul Sharma

Two's company: Deep Forest and Rahul Sharma

Music gets out of the world when master of ethnic electonica Deep Forest and santoor maestro Rahul Sharma collaborate and jam together.

When Grammy awardee Deep Forest and santoor maestro Rahul Sharma came together to perform at Sulafest 2013, the audience got the taste of ethnic electronica mingled with rustic folk santoor renditions. The tunes were inspired from various instruments and percussions which produce some soulful & mesmerizing music. Up close with Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest and Rahul Sharma, we find how music is beyond any comprehension.

Excerpts from the interview with Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest

What attracts you towards the Indian ethnic music?
India is vast & culturally rich country. The music in the country has deep roots with the cultural history. The tunes are rustic & soulful with some amazing instruments which are still unfamiliar to many. I want to make the people aware about them.

What kind of Indian music do you enjoy the most?
I like every type of music, there is none that stands out or is on top of the other. The music in India has grown tremendously but I would feel the folk ones are better than the current popularity as they have the amazing history of the nation with them.

How do you plan to explore the music of India – by visiting different schools of music, travelling or associating with music composers like Rahul Sharma, or by exploring the unheard Indian folk music?
With my album in collaboration with Rahul I got a chance to listen & feel the music from various regions in the country like Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Coorg. Rahul visited the various regions and handpicked them. The album actually explores the unheard Indian folk music, and all the credit goes to him.

 How do you plan to use the music you create with Rahul Sharma? Will it be only limited to the album?
As of now the music can be heard on every track of Deep India. But you never know I might collaborate with him again for something else. But for now I can’t promise as there a lot of other prior commitments that I have to fulfill.

 Do you also plan to make music for the very vibrant Indian film industry?
I’ve not been approached by anybody from the Indian film industry. But if the opportunity presents itself I would love an opportunity to work for a movie or two.

 Do you also follow Bollywood music? If yes, which music composer do you appreciate?
To be honest I’ve not heard bollywood music as yet; all I know it is a very rapidly growing industry making its presence felt across the globe. I feel that every composer is good in their own way.

What kind of music do you personally like?
If the music is unique, creative I’ll be the admirer of it. I believe every genre of music has its own penchant & is extraordinary in its terms. There can’t be any particular genre that supersedes the other.

 Apart from music, what are your other hobbies and likings?
Music it is for me, like meeting people

After India, which country do you wish to visit and explore?
Actually I’m currently engaged with release preparations of ‘Deep Africa’ which follows the cultural roots of various nations in Africa. So probably will visit those countries, and after the amazing experience in India I am really excited to see what Africa has to give me.

Do you live out of your suitcase? What are the 5 must carry items in your suitcase?
Oh, I don’t pack and no such great travels I have to do

What inspires you to compose and experiment with music, instruments and voices?
I get inspired by small things in life. The time spent by me in the studio has taught me one thing that the best music is created by improvisation. There is so much in the world of music which is amazing to hear but goes unnoticed. I’m on a mission to try and introduce them to the world.

Your favourite holiday destination?
Back home in France I guess. As I’m always touring from one place to another that coming back home feels like a holiday to me.

If you were to take one person out for dinner, who would he/she be? And where?
Hahahah, at my age, we don’t answer this

 Do you have a music associated with the destination of your choice?
Music is associated with everything I do

How does a destination and music define each other?
One thing that I’ve noticed with all the collaborations is that every region has its unique sound & affinity to the music. You will always find something new at a new location which will leave you spellbound. The music is inspired by the cultures & heritage of the place.

How was is it working on intriguing album titled ‘Deep India’ in collaboration with India’s pride Santoor player Rahul Sharma?

It was an amazing experience, never before had I heard Rahul play but he is an absolute genius with Santoor. We never met before the launch of the album and worked only via skype and other online services but it felt as if we were sitting next to each other. It was an amazing experience compiling the album with Rahul who understood what I expected of him and delivered accordingly which ensured smooth & quick output.

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