Here’s one of India’s leading children author Mainak Dhar.

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This interview first appeared in Sunday Mid Day dated 4 November, 2012

Author of Zombiestan (read my review here) Mainak Dhar isn’t done unleashing zombies into Indian bookstores just yet; his Alice in Deadland trilogy will make an appearance early next year.  I spoke with him about his ostensibly favourite monsters and writing for children. Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to write a book about zombies?

I have always enjoyed post-apocalyptic fiction, because it really forces us to confront what things would be like if all the usual rules and norms that make for ‘civilized’ society disappear. If there’s anything history teaches us it is that our civilized veneer is at best a thin layer, which often enough is peeled back to reveal the savagery and cruelty we’re capable of. For a writer, that makes for rich territory, to showcase both the cruelty we’re capable of, and…

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