German National Tourist Board launches new travel mobile app

German National Tourist Board launches new travel mobile app

Germany is a picturesque destination. But while you travel to this auto hub and home to beautiful tourist friendly places, there are chances you might be confused where to go and what to do. Solving the problem faced by hundreds of tourists visiting Germany, the German National Tourist Board launched ‘Top 100’ a new smartphone app, which is aimed at providing the incoming tourists and visitors a glimpse of the country’s top 100 tourist sights.

This move comes after a well worked out research. At the beginning of the year, the GNTB conducted a survey among travellers in ‘Destination Germany’ to find out what they considered to be their personal highlights. Tourist attractions in all 16 federal states are included in the Top 100. Overall, survey respondents selected a wide spectrum of cultural and natural highlights throughout Germany. Top 100 is the GNTB’s first mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It provides specific and extensive information on the particular attractions and enables quick and easy sharing with friends via Facebook. Users can also access up-to-the-minute news on Destination Germany, and they can get money off at various sights thanks to the mobile discount vouchers.

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