Rann of Kutch: Desert comes to life

Rann of Kutch: Desert comes to life

A vast tract of land at the western fringe of India, Rann of Kutch is quintessentially a getaway to timeless existence. The region of Kutch is also described as a cradle of craftsmanship, with natives involved weaving, block-printing, bandhini tie-and dye and various styles of embroidery, pottery, wood carving, metal-crafts, shell-work and other handicrafts. The region is clearly defined by the extremes of nature, nomads and tribes clinging onto their traditions, and Rann allows everyone to take a deep breath before you embark your journey to this land of colour and history.

Literally meaning salt marsh, the Rann was originally an extension of the Arabian Sea that was closed for centuries due to silting process. The spectacular sight of the desert could truly be referred as the god’s canvas. Different shades of colour come alive on the white sand background. And myriad shades of blues, greens and reds worn by local people compensate for the drabness of this parched landscape. Those who are keen on knowing about the natural history, the region has enough for everyone. As the habitat of the endangered and interesting wildlife species like the Indian wild ass, Kutch is also a bird watching paradise with waterside birds, migratory birds making the region their home. Taking up travel to the desert is never a tempting proposition except for hardcore wildlife enthusiasts.

Kutch also remains one of the richest pits for folk embroidery in the world. Local communities in Kutch boast of accomplished craftsmen who master in making ethnic leather bags, wallets, lamps, complex stitches and intricate mirror work. Kutch is indeed a great place to find unusual items and here you would find yourself swimming in resplendent textile collection or discovering the various textiles and crafts flourishing in the crannies of Kutch. We are sure that all the aforementioned words would have made you interested in taking a holiday in Kutch.
And Rann Utsav is round the corner – perfect occasion for you to visit Rann of Kutch and soak in the rich heritage and cultures of this parched land. For the ubiquitous tourists, visiting locals with parched barren land is certainly no pleasure trip. But today, the scene has changed with the successful staging of desert festivals across the world as a part of cultural and heritage tourism promotion campaigns. Desert festivals today are encouraging smarms of travellers to visit desert festival venues and savour good music, dance and food in chilly stillness of the desert nights. The Rann of Kutch sizzles in summer months. Come winter and the salty marsh land transforms into a mesmerizing phenomenon. The mass of land turns into a glistening silver sheet of white as if by some mystical magic. With icy-cool winds blowing through the vast barren landscape becomes a visual delight.

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  1. म्हारो राजस्थान रंगीलो,प्यारो राजस्थान
    वीरा-धीरा री आ धरती,म्हाने गरव गुमान
    म्हारो राजस्थान रंगीलो,प्यारो राजस्थान…..


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