Jungle calling!

Jungle calling!

It is that time of the year when all of us want to indulge in leisure and get away from the straining work schedules. If holiday is on your to-do-list this month, I have options for you to explore.

Set your adrenaline levels spewing high, walk through nature trails, lounge near the pools, relax with a healing massage and or enjoy a quiet evening around the shack at Kikar Lodge in Ropar in Punjab. All this in Punjab? Well, yes!

Spread over 1800 acres of forest, Kikar Lodge Spa & Resort is country’s first private forest reserve. Just two hours from Chandigarh, the resort offers a rare opportunity to discover wildlife in its natural habitat. For tourists and wayfarers who stop here and tarry awhile, it is a quaint throwback, a slice of serenity. Though Punjab is an all-weather resort with refreshing summer meadows and pastoral scenes to keep tourists busy, the main reason to visit Kikar Lodge is the array of adventure sports that they have on offer.

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