Golf Goddess

Golf Goddess

She took up the game of golf at the age of 11 years and was referred to as ‘too playful’ to pursue the game seriously.

Confused? Don’t be surprised as I am talking about the 20 year old Sharmila Nicollet, the glam face of Indian golfing scene. Capable of hitting a long ball all the way to 300 yards, Nicollet is going from strength to strength. Till date, this young golf icon of the country has won eight Amateur Championships and finished amongst the top ten in over 25 tournaments. After representing India at the Asian Games in Doha in 2006, she became the youngest lady golfer to win the All India Amateur Championship in 2007-2008 along with 7 Open Amateur Championships. She has also qualified at LETQ School and has got a full tour card of LET for 2012. Nicollet was in Delhi to show her outstanding skills at the recently held 17th edition of the Business Today-Honda Pro-Am of Champions. Smriti Mehra, country’s first woman golfer said, “Sharmila is a complete package for golf in India, complete with talent, skills and that x factor.”

Up-close with Nicollet:

Who is real Sharmila Nicollet?
Apart from being a golfer, I would say Sharmila Nicollet is self dependent, fashionista, aspiring aspirant, globetrotter, junkie, gizmo freak and a lover of cars and modification.

Other sports you played and love apart from golf?
I was a state level swimmer and an athlete. I also played basketball, tennis and love horse riding. Now I have no time and don’t want to risk injury and decided to quit other sports to be fully committed and dedicated to golf.

Who introduced you to the world of golf?
My cousins who played the game introduced me to golf. What initially started as a fun thing to do, soon became a deep-rooted interest. The passion was so much that I turned my back on the US university scholarships to follow my dream of becoming a successful professional golfer.

Things that you enjoy?
I enjoy all types of music, auto motor sports, perfumery, fashion, photography, gadgets, TV shows, animals and sometimes humans.

What’s your sun sign?
My sun sign is Pieces and believe me I have all the traits of a true Piscean, which means I am a big time dreamer.

Your school life and education?
I did my schooling from Bishop Cotton Girls’ School and Bangalore International School finishing my class tenth and twelfth privately. I am now doing a degree privately. In my school days, I was an athlete and a swimmer. I also became a national level swimming champion.

You wouldn’t mind eating?
I am an Italian food connoisseur and like indulging in pasta and pizza tasting sessions. I have special liking for sushi and I also enjoy eating oysters.

Your last holiday?
Though I am a globetrotter, I always choose Goa for a holiday. I feel I belong to Goa and this is why I spend a lot of time in the beach paradise.

Your favourite holiday destinations abroad
I like Paris for its undulating charm. No matter how many times I visit the city, I feel Paris always draws me, may be because I have French roots. Another destination I like visiting is New York, the city that exuberates fashionable splendour.

Things that people don’t know about you?
People don’t know that I modify cars. I am passionate about cars and racing and this is why I enjoy modifying the complete look of cars, both exterior and interior. And I am a great photography buff. I never leave a destination without a few clicks.

Favourite Bollywood stars?
I would say Ranbir Kapoor because he is really talented as well as goodlooking.

Do you enjoy reading?
Yes, I love to read in between flights or whenever I get time. I enjoy reading thrillers like the ones written by Shidney Sheldon.

We know that you are an animal lover. Do you have pets as well?
Yes, I have 9 dogs at my mother’s place in Bangalore. Whenever I am around, I love spending time with them. I soon plan to start and animal foundation. This will be a small initiative to take care of homeless animals.

What do you aspire to do in the coming future?
Two things – Firstly, I would like to change the face of women golf scene by playing more and winning more and more. And secondly, I would like to start my own fashion line as I aspire to bring fashion to sports in India.

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