Spa retreat at Sohum Spa @ Madhubhan Resorts and Spa, Anand in Gujarat

Spa retreat at Sohum Spa @ Madhubhan Resorts and Spa, Anand in Gujarat

Recently I had a beautiful relaxation experience somewhere I had never imagined I would get one. I was in Anand and was lucky to stay at Madhubhan Resort and Spa, a magnificent luxury resort situated amidst verdant surroundings of the Charotar region of Gujarat.

Equipped with modern amenities and luxurious accommodation, the resort promises gifts of relaxation and complete rejuvenation. Sohum Spa at Madhubhan is a 10,000 sq. ft. wellness sanctuary that is dotted with water bodies and natural beauty. Designed to bestow its guests with thorough spiritual harmony, Sohum Spa offers best of the Ayurvedic, Oriental and other internal holistic therapy treatments. The moment I entered into the spa, a sudden whiff of aromatic oils, fragrance emanating from the perfumed waters, rose petals and the herb concoction in the sunken bath tubs welcomed me in to this wellness sanctuary. Sohum has integrated healing and wellness modalities from various streams of healing with pampering experiences like Shirodhara, Native American Hot Stone therapy, Meru healing, Pressotherapy, detoxifying body polishes, hydro-soak therapies apart from other facial and hair treatments.

I commenced by journey in this wellness fortress with a cool, caffeine free beverage that was followed by a relaxing foot wash ritual that cleansed all my built up stress. The therapists at Sohum at Madhubhan took me on a journey of stress release. Developed by spa trainers, the signature body work therapy is perfect for a fitness enthusiast as the therapy is an integration of sports massage and Thai acupressure techniques that are very effective in working on deep tissue, fascia and muscles. At the end of this signature massage, I was served jasmine tea, which further detoxed my system.

Simultaneously, you can try an array of herbal teas at Chai bar situated within the periphery of the resort.

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